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  1. 6.12.2004

    dee, to je pa iz serije že videnega :)

  2. Avtor

    not sure if I understand u k:(

  3. 6.12.2004

    I think you had a similar one from other perspective 8D

  4. Avtor

    Hmm, not sure about that...I took this one yesterday, and I haven't been there before:)
    It's probably my style:)

  5. 6.12.2004

    :blush: :P

  6. 6.12.2004

    on the first sight it reminds me on "November rain" :)

  7. 6.12.2004

    Well, nevertheless it deserves one 5

  8. 6.12.2004

    we've seen better pictures from you.

  9. 6.12.2004



  10. most definitely 8D

  11. Avtor

    If u say so:)
    However, if this a 2, you are setting a pretty damn high standard for future ratings.....

  12. 7.12.2004

    I'm listening to Nick Cave's Nature Boy wright now and everytime I hear this song it reminds me on your (nature) photos... dee = nature boy :)

    The picture itself describes your feelings... "without you"
    that's how I see this photo...

  13. Dee, 2 means: Interesting but,there is a lot misssing to 3 which is good.
    No offence ment. Note: if I myself would take similar shot I woudn't even bother , to keep it on my HD.
    As i see it, it is atmost of documentary value , but there is no artistict value.


    PS : My standards for ratings were already damn high, even before I saw ur photo 8D

  14. Avtor

    I see what you mean BR, and I respect your opinion.
    When I look at the photo in general , I first notice the technique (focus, sharpness, exposure etc.) and a composition.

    Then I go for the "artistic" value...With this particular image, as you can see, some folks can see something more in it, some don't. That is more of a subjective issue, whereas the quality is not.

    As Kjask said, I expressed myself with this one, and when I look at it, it brings back certain feeling and mood ...then again that is very subjective...again, someone can see it, someone can't.. I do know I have better ones, or more expressive:)

    And yeah, as for the ratings, if I rated images the way they do where I study photography, I don't think anybody would like me here, so much for the standards;)

    Let's keep it real:)