Niels Gilissen @gilissen 31. Avg 2011, 11:55

Hello, I am new to the forum and I am sure most of you understand english. I hope this is the right place for posting the following question. I am a nature photographer from the Netherlands and I have visited Slovenia twice, including Kocevski Rog. I want to return to Kocevski Rog this autumn to enjoy and capture the autumn colors of the leaves and hopefully some wildlife. What is the best period for autumn colors in that region? Any other tips?

Thanks and cheers, Niels Gilissen

andyz @andyz 31. Avg 2011, 20:34

It is imposible to tell, which period will be the best.
Colors depend on the weather conditions mostly.
The coloration of leaves might differ for the whole month (cold and rainy vs. warm and sunny)

The best way to find this is webcam.

Saša Manojlovič @DrJotz 1. Sep 2011, 08:20

True, very good advice.

This can be of help: http://en.hribi.net/kamerezemljevid.asp

The best time can be anywhere from late October to early November.
I think it's the most beautiful before everything turns brown, when there is the whole palette from green, yellow to red and brown.

I wish you a nice autumn and good light, welcome:)

Marjan @Marjan1 1. Sep 2011, 22:16

The Right address for you is:
www.lesart.si and www.lesart.si/kocevska.html

Ratter @Ratter 2. Sep 2011, 07:27

gilissen je napisal/a:
Any other tips?

Thanks and cheers, Niels Gilissen

What exactly you would like to photograph?
Autumn colors,animals,beautiful nature,waterfalls,mountains?

Best regards and welcome to forum

Niels Gilissen @gilissen 2. Sep 2011, 22:47

Thanks for your answers.
I know it is a difficult question to answer, but you have helped me at least to narrow the period down a bit. Unfortunately I cannot decide to go when the moment arrives, I have to plan in advance. Am I right that the last (two) week(s) of October to the first week of November seem to have the best chances? I am mainly interested in capturing the autumn atmosphere of the forest, i.e. autumn foliage, falling leaves, fog, berries, etc.

Thanks and best regards,



Ratter @Ratter 3. Sep 2011, 05:50

Yes,you have right.Last two weeks of october is most possible time.
Sometimes here in Slovenia,we have already snow for 1st november.
Depends of autumn weather conditions.

Just a tip.
If you want to photo autumn colors.Very beautiful place in autumn is Logarska dolina. (Logarska valley)


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