Sebblond @Sebbl 14. Feb 2013, 21:37

Hello everyone. Sorry, I don't speak much Slovenian, so I will have to write in English. I hope you don't mind. Se opravicujem...
I don't know if it's the custom on this forum to greet everyone in a particular section before asking questions, so if I missed that, sorry again...
And anyway, to introduce myself very quickly: Ime mi je Sébastien, sem Francoz, in tukaj živim v Sloveniji, v Ljubljani. Zelo mi je vseč! Učim francoščino. (yes, I know how to say that!)
I started to shoot photography seriously in 2010. I use Canon stuff (7D plus Canon and Tamron lenses). I enjoy shooting landscapes in SLovenia, and anything about travelling...
Some of my pictures can be seen here:
and here:

OK, my question is: I'd be happy to meet people and share ideas, advice, comment pictures and so on with real people (i like forums, but well, it good to see people sometimes as well), so I was wondering about photo clubs. I saw there is a photo club in Ljubljana, but apparently, they meet on wednesdays at 18. or so, and I work at that time...
Can you advise me anything (I saw there is another one in Kamnik, that's not too far). Do you think it can be a problem if I don't speak much Slovenian (though i obviously understand much more than I speak, and I'd be happy to practice, anyway)?
Hvala lepa.

miha @mihaaa 15. Feb 2013, 00:20

hey there Sebastien,...
there is a bunch of clubs in Ljubljana co I guess you just have to choose.. read this article (I guess you can call it that) on photo clubs, its 5 years old but it'll still do well..

I don't want to over promote anything, but if I remember correctly 1 club/worshop/group (not sure exactly what it is) just started a month ago, and judging from one of the guys participating (Jure Kravanja) it shoulkd be good, they meet in Vic (not sure when, look up "Photo S & S" on facebook

this here is another list of clubs i found

hope this is enough for the start, have an ice time in Slovenia, and I'm sure other guys will give you some more useful info,..
if you need any help or sth give me a buzz smile
rester au frais (as google translate says, don't blame me biggrin )

Sebblond @Sebbl 15. Feb 2013, 08:00

Thanks Miha! That's really nice. I will have a look at your links.

Sebblond @Sebbl 15. Feb 2013, 08:26

Anyone else here is in a club or group or something in or near LJ, and could tell me about it?

Sebblond @Sebbl 17. Feb 2013, 18:50

I'm now thinking about Kamnik and Kranj clubs? Anyone frome these, please... Prosim a me lahko povejte kako je tam? (not sure it'scorrect. Hope you understand grin)

miha @mihaaa 17. Feb 2013, 21:23

Hey Sebbl, I don't know about Kamnik,.. but in Kranj there is an old club, called Janez Puhar (se link below)


I am not sure what are you looking for in a club, iif it's FIA etc competition, than I think Ljubljana and Janez Puhar and Svit (Celje) are going to be great, if you're more into wildlife and nature photography than maybe Diana is better ... don't get me wron, I wasn't in any of these biggrin ...
than again if you want to go shooting in the city or vicinity give me a buzz

Sebblond @Sebbl 17. Feb 2013, 23:03

Thanks Miha.
I mainly shoot landscapes and travel photo (cities, people, everything you come across while travelling). No sports at all...
What I'm looking for is a bunch of people to talk to, to get / give somn advice and opinion ond techniques, pictures, etc. I've never been in a club before, so I don't really know what to expect...
What is Diana?

skorpijoncek66 @skorpijoncek66 18. Feb 2013, 18:30


Diana is photo club... wildlife & nature photography.

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