Beno Saradzic @Titanium 15. Maj 2013, 11:39

here's my latest addition to my Knowledge Vault album - before/after comparison of the Bled Gorge photograph.

To start off, I've imported 4x Canon RAW frames into LR4.4. Their exposure ranged from -2EV through +1EV. I've done a bit of sharpening, distortion correction, chroma aberration removal and White Balance tweaking.
As the contrast in all four images was very low due to overcast weather and mist which was coming from the water below, I had to punch up the blacks and whites a bit. Once I was happy with pre-processing, I exported 16-bit TIFF files to Oloneo HDR engine.
After tone-mapping process within Oloneo, I exported the finished HDR image to Photoshop CS5.1. I loaded Viveza 2 to selectively control brightness in areas under the bridge and on the stone wall at the far right end of the image. I've added ND gradient at the bottom of the image to darken the plants which brought more attention to the centre of the image. Next I enhanced volumetric light (aka Godrays), spilling on both sides of the bridge. Godrays existed in the original scene already but due to the mist and lack of the sun, they weren't as prominent as I wanted them to be.
Final adjustments and primary color grading was accomplished with Color Efex Pro 4 - I've added a bit of warmth to the image, gave 2nd pass sharpening to all rough surfaces such as wood and rocks and punched up the colours of the water and vegetation. I've also added a subtle touch of highlight blooming which infuses the image with more ambiental, spiritual aura in the image.

Gašper @Gapiii 16. Maj 2013, 21:04

Zakon si!! Hvala za ves tvoj trud.

PS: Mogoče lahko razložiš naslednjič Sheikh Zayed University campus kako si naredil. smile

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