Matev @Matev 20. Okt 2005, 19:47

OK, here is the situation for you.....

You are a photo journalist working for a major news source. You are in Florida, Miami to be specific.
There is a Major category 5 hurricane unleashing Hell on Miami... There is Death and destruction all around. You are Watching entire houses and cars being swallowed up by the huge flood waters.

Then, All of a sudden you see a man swimming for his life about to be taken down with all the debris.
You inch your way closer and realize the man is GEORGE W. Bush himself!!!

In one hand you could save the president of the United States and be a hero and in the other you could shoot a Pulitzer award winning photo.... Capturing The death of one of the most Powerful politicians of our time. (scroll down)

OK, Now for the Question........

Do you select High Contrast color film or, Do you go with the simplicity of the Classic Black & White??

Heretic @Heretic 20. Okt 2005, 20:03

aaaaaaa...noro! ohahaha, ka sm se narežal biggrin Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl

tomaž @mju 20. Okt 2005, 20:08

Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl Jao... jaz bi ga iz usmiljenja rešil... bigeek ne ubijaj.... indian

rado @rado 20. Okt 2005, 21:05

Upam da bi mel en aparat viška , da bi mu ga za ziher vržem v teksaško bučo- cowboy sneaky pa sploh nisem zloben.

iztok @izo 20. Okt 2005, 21:10

biggrin thumbsup

Gregor Gomboc @George 21. Okt 2005, 13:54

Že stara, pa še zmeraj dobra šala... laugh

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