neptun @neptun 3. Mar 2007, 12:48

Mal razmišljam, da bi vzel rabljenga Olympusa C-8080, sam se mi mal gabijo počasni timingi. A se da te zadeve kej pohitrit če se kupi Extreme3 al pa Extreme 4 kartico ali je ozko grlo aparat in se ne da nič narest??

Timings shown below are the time taken for the camera to process and "flush" the image out to the storage card, the timer was started as soon as the shutter release was pressed and stopped when activity indicator beside the Compact Flash compartment door went out. This means the timings also include the cameras processing time and as such are more representative of the actual time to "complete the task". The media used for these tests was a 1 GB SanDisk Ultra II Type I Compact Flash card.

Image Type Time to store(secs) Time to display(secs) File size
3264 x 2448 TIFF 16.6 11.5 23,424 KB
3264 x 2448 RAW 13.0 10.4 11,800 KB
3264 x 2448 JPEG SHQ 3.6 2.3 3,500 KB
3264 x 2448 JPEG HQ 2.5 1.5 1,630 KB
2288 x 1712 SQ1 2.7 1.8 2,200 KB
1600 x 1200 SQ2 2.2 0.9 840 KB

neptun @neptun 4. Mar 2007, 23:00

sm že najdu ...ozko grlo je na žalost aparat sad

Which memory card to use with the Olympus 8080 ?

* Generally speaking CF (CompactFlash) cards are cheaper than xD cards. Fast CF cards are also faster than xD cards in the Olympus 8080, so the only reason to use xD cards is if you want to use the camera's panorama function (note however that you can shoot panos by setting the camera into manual mode and locking the white balance, or setting the camera into manual mode and shooting RAW).
* So, unless you want to use the Olympus 8080 panorama function, the question becomes: which CF card to use ?
o Well, the 8080 limits the read/write speed to 0.9 MByte/s - that corresponds to a 6x speed (1x is 150 KByte/s).
o This means that even a cheap 12x CF card is perfectly adequate and very fast CF cards are not necessary, as the camera is the limiting factor. In other words, if you buy an expensive 65x CF card for usage with the 8080 you are wasting your money.

Lenart Senica @lenyn 4. Mar 2007, 23:03

ja, dostikrat je aparat tisti ki 'bremza'

na fujiju s9500 veliko hitreje zapisuje na xD navadno, kot pa na CF ultra...
to tud neki pove, ne.
al se spet motim biggrin

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