Peter Bernik @Noob 2. Jul 2007, 18:14

Prilagam citat iz northligh images:

News (thanks) from Australia that Canon are trying to shift stocks of 1Ds Mk2s. CPS members are being sent the following

* "Dear CPS Member,
We are pleased to announced the following new EOS-1Ds Mark II Cash Back Promotion.
Canon's flagship EOS Digital SLR, the EOS-1Ds Mark II remains a must have for those true professional photographers looking to capture huge beautiful images, fast. Featuring a full-frame 16.7 megapixel CMOS sensor, super rich gradations, the EOS-1Ds Mark II delivers images that astound when printed at large size. This quality is complemented by 4 fps continuous shooting speed that empowers photographers to capture every decisive moment. With unprecedented speed and massive resolution, there is no limit to the creative possibilities.
From July 1, 2007, Canon gives you the best opportunity to purchase the most remarkable camera in Canon Digital SLR history. Any customer who purchases an EOS-1Ds Mark II from an authorised Canon professional dealer during the promotional period receives $1000 CASH BACK direct from Canon.
Combine this great Cash Back deal with the already outstanding "PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM KIT" offer (purchase an EOS-1Ds Mark II plus an EF50f1.2L and save $2,699 off RRP), available through your local professional dealer, the total value in Recommended Retail Price represents a saving to you of an amazing $3,699.
Note: Professional Premium Kit Offer finishes July 31, 2007.
For more information please contact your Authorised Canon Professional Dealer or Canon Professional Service on
1800 804 240."

Looks like they are trying to shift 50mm/1.2L stocks too...

do 3.699$ bigeek . Predobro da bi bilo res. No česar takega se nam v Sloveniji ni treba bati Rofl .

Matej Galič @NeoN 2. Jul 2007, 18:52


Matjaz @mbbirdy 3. Jul 2007, 08:27

1.00 AUD = 0.855 USD
1.00 AUD = 0.629 EUR

= samo 2326 €??? - že zbiram denar ... smile

Peter Bernik @Noob 3. Jul 2007, 17:47

Khm, naj kdo ta info pošlje na Canon Adrio deal . Da se malo zganejo devilish .

Peter Bernik @Noob 4. Jul 2007, 18:30

Še uradna reklama


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