Miran @fisheye 20. Okt 2007, 12:05

Žijo! Zanima me kako se dodaja fotke na Google Earth. Če ima kdo iskušnje s tem naj napiše.

Lp Miran

iztok @izo 20. Okt 2007, 12:22

Adding Photos New!

You can add photos to Google Earth. Your photos are not viewable by other users of Google Earth unless you choose to share them (learn more).

Note - This feature is distinct from adding image overlays. When you add a photo, it is located in 3D and does not appear as a ground level image overlay.

To add photos:

1. Click Add > Photos... The New dialog box appears.
2. Enter the following information:

* Name - Descriptive label of the image
* Link - Enter the URL (website address) or location of the photo you want to add. To choose a photo on your computer, click Browse...
* Transparency - Choose the opacity of the image as it appears in the 3D viewer
* Description tab - (optional) Enter any comment or text about the image
* View tab - Use these settings to manually place the photo in an exact location. For explanation of terms in this tab, mouse over each field. You can also click and drag the image to the location you want
* Photo tab - These settings include:
o Camera placement - This is the location of the default viewpoint as you view the photo
o Heading - The orientation of the photo relative to north
o Tilt - The inclination of the photo relative to the surface of the Earth
o Roll - Use this to rotate the absolute orientation of the photo
o Field of view - These settings control how much of the 3D viewer the photo occupies relative to the Earth. Check Lock Aspect Ratio to maintain the original dimensions of the photo

3. Click OK when you are finished. You can view the photo as described above. You can return to the photo anytime by double clicking it in the Places panel.


če si kaj vešč 3d modeliranja (sketch up, archicad ipd), lahko dpdaš tudi svoje 3d modele stavb ipd.

Miran @fisheye 20. Okt 2007, 12:27

Super ! Najlepša hvala.

Lakhko pa bi vsi kaj tja dodajali in prikazovali Slovenijo in njene lepote (naše fotke).

LP Miran

Keks @Cerixed 28. Okt 2007, 13:34

meni je to tud rablo biggrin
hvala najlepsa

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