Winter Milky Way
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And here it is. The other side of the sky with Milky Way streching from Aquila region and all the way to Perseus constellation.

This is the part of my vetrorama, which i post it earlier.

We can see a lot of different Nebulas. My one of the most beautiful is North America. We can also see
Andromeda Galaxy, Heart&Soul nebula, California nebula and Plaides.

Foreground is taken in the direction of Slovenia highest mountains and capital city Ljubljana.
Because of that we can see a lot of light pollution above horizon.

I spent my whole night on the top of watching tower, freezing at -7degrees:snowflake: But, it was a night to remember!

Tracked/stacked/pano/ composite

Nikon D750 + Samyang 14XP + Star Advanturer 2

Sky: iso3200, f2.8, 60s, 3rows x 5stacks
Foreground: iso3200, f2.8, 90s, 5stacks
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