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The secrets of darkness and light
were hidden by the Gods underneath the waves of the sea
The darkness of the depths covered the jewels
Today the depths of the sea covers the ancient heritage
I stand on the shore of the sea staring into the horizon
my thoughts travel far beyond time and infinity
Time did not wipe out ancient magnificence
The Darkness did not dim the flame
The memories still remain within cursed symbols
The Winds cradle the sea waves
the cold penetrating underneath my cloak
I feel a cold breeze bringing ancient secrets
The magic of ancient wisdom pierces my mind
I hear prayers in ancient temples
It's still the Atlanteans singing songs of praise
Their voices fill me with pride
I still understand their ancient language
My blue eyes give away my birthplace
A part of me is still with them
The Runes made by Wotan change the reality
Today the present does not exist
Everything I was ever taught now is worth nothing
Only ancient wisdom is important
My Fate cursed and guessed
The chains of my blood and spirits of ancient generations
are here at the shore of the sea
I swear faith to them today and to the light within me
From the waves of the sea I lift my shining sword
its shine fills me with euphoria
I know today that tomorrow I will hear
the lament and cries of my enemies !
(Graveland: Jewel Of Atlanteans)
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