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Hello, I am Hristina Trajkoska, curious photographer that comes all the way from Macedonia! Currently studying Multimedia in University of Maribor. I am into photography long enough to say that it's not only my hobby, but it's my passion.
You need photos of yourself, your loved ones (of course they can be pets!) – I am here to fulfill your wish and do my best to leave you good impression.
I've mostly worked with models, bloggers, couples and kids.
Also I photograph underwater, architecture, indoor, commercial photos, food, sports, animals, events and parties BUT I am always open for new challenges and ideas.
After the photo shoot, all of the photos are edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.
You can contact me directly on +386 70 362 323 or [email protected]

P.S. I understand Slovenian 100%! :)

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Hristina Trajkoska

070 362 323


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