Nikon objavil firmware za D70

Nikon je predstavil nov firmware B 1.03 za digitalni fotoaparat D70. Katero novosti lahko pričakujete uporabniki omenjenega fotoaparata, si preberite na spodnji povezavi.

Povezava do datoteke

What is new/Content Description

Issues addressed with D70 firmware B version 1.03
  • When the mode dial was set to an exposure mode (P, S, A, or M) and II selected for the Color mode setting in the Custom item of the Optimize image menu, and then an option other than Custom (such as Portrait) selected from the Optimize image menu, JPEG images captured after this procedure were recognized as having the Adobe RGB color space when opened in applications with a color-management function such as Adobe Photoshop. This problem has been corrected.

Compatible OS platform

  • Windows 98 SE
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP

What's included in the download

  • BD700103.bin
  • release.txt
Matej Herbst (@matto) 14. januar 2005 08:58
No pa se spomnejo tudi na nas, čeprav tega odkrito nisem opazil.