Samsung adds 6-Megapixel A6

Samsung Camera announced the launch of the Digimax A6 6-megapixel digital camera. The A6 is the first member of the Digimax "A Series", and one of several new compact, digital point and shoots introduced in the U.S. market by Samsung in advance of the holiday season. Offering superb image quality, an extremely robust feature set and a highly-intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the A6 combines all the best features that digital imaging has to offer in a sleek, compact and stylish package. With an approximate street price of just $349, the A6 puts all of these features well within reach of even the most budget conscious consumer this holiday season.

The Samsung Digimax A6 is a midrange point and shoot in price only, as it comes equipped with a wide range of the most technologically advanced and cutting-edge features available on the market. In combining a 6.0-mexapixel CCD sensor with a Samsung High-Definition (SHD) lens, the A6 delivers images of unsurpassed quality.

Users are presented with 10 different scene modes (Portrait, Children, Landscape, Close-up, Sunset, Dawn, Backlight, Fireworks, Beach & Snow and Text) from which to choose in creating the perfect shot, as well as a choice between fully automatic, aperture priority, shutter priority and fully manual shooting modes. The 4cm Macro setting allows for extreme close-up photography for those wishing to explore the artistic properties of surfaces, textures and other subject matter.

The Samsung Digimax A6 also features an innovative Power Movie Clip function that allows users to shoot high quality VGA video clips. Power Movie Clip provides unmatched flexibility and creative control in allowing the user to shoot at either 30 FPS or 15 FPS of VGA quality video.

In addition, the camera enables users to shoot and store video clips in one of three different sizes (640x480, 320x240 and 160x120). Finally, Power Movie Clip offers the ability to pause, fast forward and/or rewind the video right on the camera.

In keeping with the theme of flexibility and control, Samsung has provided users with myriad options for capturing, storing and sharing images with the Digimax A6. Its 32MB of internal memory facilitates ample storage right on the camera itself, while the SD/MMC slot allows for an additional 512MB of capacity. Users can choose from six different image sizes, ranging from 640x480 to 2592x1944, as well as three different resolution settings in Superfine, Fine and Normal.

This results in 18 different image size / resolution combinations, enabling the user to select the perfect setting for virtually any situation or requirement. Once the images are captured and stored, PictBridge technology allows for easy output directly to a printer via a USB connection. Of course, the A6 comes with a robust software suite including ArcSoft Photo Impression, Digimax Viewer and Digimax Reader to enable storage, editing and output via a PC.

User-Friendly Design
Samsung clearly had the user in mind when designing the new A6, as the camera comes equipped with a wide range of features that make it a snap to use. It all begins with the highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), which facilitates easy access to the vast array of advanced functions and capabilities contained within the camera. A large, bright 1.8” LCD display makes it easy to view the subject during capture and playback, while an innovative new feature allows users to switch between capture and playback modes with just a single touch of the shutter button. Samsung engineers also included a one touch manual function button that allows more advanced users to quickly and easily switch between manual, aperture priority and shutter priority modes.

The A6’s image editing capabilities enable cropping, rotating and color revisions right on the camera. With black & white, sepia and RGB color effects to choose from, the creative possibilities are endless. In addition, the bright, multi-function pilot lamp on the front of the camera body communicates camera status to the user and/or the subject by displaying a different color to denote the specific function being performed (taking a picture, self timer, image upload, voice recording, etc).

Perhaps the most user-friendly feature of the Digimax A6 is its compatibility with three different power sources. Bearing in mind that you can’t shoot pictures if you don’t have power, Samsung designed the A6 to support three different power sources, including two rechargeable formats (Li-ion and Ni-MH) as well as standard AAs. The Samsung Li-ion battery provides enough power for roughly 387 shots, while the Samsung Ni-MH enables users to capture up to 345 images. If that is not enough, users can simply run to the local convenience store to pick up some AA batteries for additional backup.

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