Mobilni telefon s fotoaparatom ločljivosti 7 milijonov točk

Samsung Electronics je razvil prvi mobilni telefon z digitalnim fotoaparatom ločljivosti 7 milijonov točk. Telefon SCH-V770 je opremljen tudi s predvajalnikom MP3 in čitalcem kartic, na trgu pa naj bi se pojavil še v tem polletju. (aNET)

"Sporočilo za javnost"

Samsung Electronics will unveil the world’s first 7-megapixel camera phone at a high-tech fair kicking off in Hanover, Germany, Thursday.

The electronics firm said Wednesday that it will introduce the 7-megapixel digital camera-embedded mobile handset SCH-V770 along with a series of other cutting-edge digital gadgets at CeBIT 2005, the world’s largest annual high-tech fair.

The dual-face bar-type SCH-V770 boasts 16-million-color liquid crystal display (LCD), 32-megabyte external memory card, auto focus & optical zoom functions, and digital power amplifier that produces high quality sound and video recording function.

SCH-V770 features functions of high-end DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras that are designed for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts, such as manual focus, shutter speed controller and auto-exposure-lock and manual exposure controller.

Users can also attach a telephoto lens or wide-angle lens on the mobile handset and view picture on the television screen while shooting a photo or video just by hooking up the device to the television set with a cable, said Samsung.

The electronics giant did not disclose when the state-of-the-art mobile phone would go on sale. The company has not fixed the sale price of the device yet.

``Development of the 7-megapixel camera phone is a brilliant, epoch-making feat achieved by Samsung. Our company continually tries to provide customers with new and distinguished handheld mobile devices,’’ said Samsung Electronics president Lee Ki-tae.

Samsung rolled out the 7-megapixel camera phone just six months after it released the world’s first 5-megapixel model last October.

The electronics maker expects hundreds and thousands of visitors and business people will visit Samsung’s five-pavilion exhibit where they can take advantage of hands-on exhibits of a slew of other latest smart mobile handsets, beside SCH-V770.

Samsung, which is the world’s largest liquid crystal display (LCD) maker, will display 420 of the latest digital products including the world's biggest LCD panel, measuring 82 inches diagonally and the world’s largest 102-inch plasma display panel (PDP) television.

It will also showcase the world’s first digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) supporting television and notebook computer and the world’s largest 5-inch bendable transmissive plastic thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel for portable applications.

LG Electronics, Korea’s second-largest electronics vendor, will showcase 220 digital communication and consumer electronics products at the international exposition.

Products to be on display in LG’s three pavilions include DMB mobile handsets, third-generation camera and 3D game phones, the world’s first commercialized 55-inch LCD television, the world’s priciest 71-inch PDP television set adorned with 24-gold-coated metallic strip.

CeBIT 2005 will showcase the latest gadgets from some 6270 exhibitors from 69 countries worldwide. A total of 190 Korean electronics and high-tech companies will take part in CeBIT, which will run through March 16.

More than 500,000 visitors are expected at the weeklong event. Despite a rebound in the global information communication and electronics industries, the number of visitors to CeBIT has fallen steadily since 2001, when 850,000 people attended.
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