Sony Micro Vault Pro z zmogljivostjo 5 GB

Enota Recording Media & Energy (RME) podjetja Sony Europe je predstavila USB-napravo za shranjevanje podatkov MICRO VAULT PRO z zmogljivostjo 5 GB. Naprava, velika kot poslovna vizitka, ima vgrajen 1-palčni disk in priključek za neposreden priklop prek vrat USB. Priložena je programska oprema Auto Sync za samodejno sinhronizacijo podatkov. (aNET)

(Sporočilo za javnost)

Paris, 4 May 2005 - Sony Europe’s Recording Media & Energy (RME) division has today announced the 5GB MICRO VAULT PRO. As the highest capacity model in the range of personal USB storage devices, the new enhanced product helps protect and store precious data making it portable and easily accessible when travelling.

The new Sony MICRO VAULT PRO has a in-built 1-inch hard disk drive offering a hefty 5GB storage capacity, equivalent to approximately 9000 two mega-pixel photos or more than two hours of DVD quality video1. The ultra-portable MICRO VAULT PRO, the size of a business card, incorporates a unique swivel connector that plugs straight into a computer’s USB port, enabling users to drag and drop files that are to be stored on the device quickly and easily.
Sony’s Auto Sync file synchronisation software, bundled with the MICRO VAULT PRO, allows users to synchronise the contents of a designated folder on their computer to the device automatically, ensuring they always have their latest files with them. The additional USB products complement Sony’s extensive USB storage range, with midi MICRO VAULT media available in capacities between 128MB and 1GB, Excellence range offering the transfer speed among the highest of the market, available in 512MB and 1GB, and a unique, biometric Fingerprint Access enabled 256MB model to ensure highest data security standards are met.

The 5GB MICRO VAULT PRO is currently available at an estimated retail price of 219 EURO incl. VAT.

1Assumes 1600 x 1200 picture resolution in standard mode and recording at 3.5 megabits per second for DVD-quality video.
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