Leaf & Mamiya introduce 22MP DSLR

Leaf and Mamiya today announced the -latest 22 Megapixel D-SLR, the Leaf Mamiya ProDigital II. Comprised of the New Mamiya 645AFDII camera and the Leaf Aptus back, the new ProDigital II offers medium format quality with the convenience of a small format system.

“Professional photographers rely on the best tools to create an image” said Jan Lederman, President of Leaf America. “Performance and image quality are critical. The new ProDigital II allows photographers to focus and shoot fast, tethered or untethered, and see the quality of the image from the camera.” Press release)

The Leaf Mamiya ProDigital II improves the workflow by letting you work more intuitively. For example, the 3.5” touch screen, which allows users to setup and adjust image settings, is where you create and name folders and files. The lighting-fast 1.2 f.p.s. capture rate is a perfect match for the completely new auto-focusing system.

Other improvements the Leaf Mamiya ProDigital II offers:
> Faster focusing than the original ProDigital
> User-selectable Selective Spot Focus or Wide Focus area modes
> All critical exposure and shooting information including exposure and available image storage are now available in the viewfinder.
> 36 custom functions. Individual camera preferences such as 1/3, 1/2 or full aperture/shutter speed increments, flash synch speed, dial functions, exposure compensation increments, bracketing sequence, dial direction setting and much more are easily set and recalled in a snap.
> Separate user configurations can be set and recalled on-the-fly when several photographers are using the same camera.
> Images can be stored on Compact flash cards or Leaf Digital Magazines

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