ACDSee Pro Photo Manager

V podjetju ACD Systems International Inc je predstavil profesionalno verzijo svojega programa ACDSee(tm) Pro Photo Manager namenjen urejanju fotografij. Gre za nadgradnjo verzijo zmagovalnega programa ACDSee photo management, ki je bil razvit posebej za profesionalne fotografe. Program omogoče večstopenjsko/množično obdelovanje fotografij, funkcijo barvnega upravljanja in podpora DNG (Digital Negative Specification) in RAW formata.

ACDSee Pro je preprost program, kjer lahko si lahko fotografi ogledajo, urejajo, procesirajo, organizirajo, kategorizirajo, objavljajo in arhivirajo svojo kolekcijo digitalnih fotografij. Program bo predstavljen na sejmu PhotoPlus Expo v New Yorku 22. oktobra, na voljo uporabnikom pa bo januarja 2006, katera cena bo znašala £129.99.

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Manage your photographs quickly and easily.

Designed for professional photographers and people who deal with large numbers of images for their business, ACDSee Pro delivers uncompromised speed, ease, and reliability in every aspect of its applications, streamlining your workflow and accelerating your productivity so you and your business can excel.

ACDSee Pro also arrives as the most competitively priced software of its kind.

Streamline your workflow.

Spend less time in front of the computer screen, and more time behind the lens. Powerful searching and organizing tools help you manage hundreds upon thousands of photographs effortlessly, find the ones you want fast, and tag and sort them into customizable categories that make it easy to make sense of the many different types of images you deal with.

Accelerate your productivity.

Digital photographs make up the core of your business. You need a photo manager that not only integrates seamlessly with yours and your clients' workflow, but also makes you more productive.

ACDSee Pro keeps everything simple and efficient. From finding your photographs, to editing and printing, every step of the way is designed to cut your work time down to a minimum and allow you to achieve the highest level of productivity, all for an unbeatable price.

Coming Soon

ACDSee Pro for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and XP will be available for $129.99 (USD). Special upgrade pricing will be available for users of ACDSee 8 and earlier versions.

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