ACD Systems nadgradil ACDSee 8 in ACDSee Pro Photo Manager

Podjetje ACD SystemsInternational Inc. je pred prazniki predstavilo dva nova popravka za programa ACDSee8 Photo Manager in ACDSee Pro Photo Manager. S popravkoma bomo dobili boljšo hitrost, stabilnost in produktivnost omenjenih programov. Novost vključuje tudi podporo vse bolj popularnemu RAW formatu. Popravek je brezplačen.

Sporočilo za javnost

VICTORIA, British Columbia – April. 27, 2006 – ACD Systems International Inc. (TSX: ASA), today announced updates to its two flagship products, ACDSee 8 Photo Manager and ACDSee Pro Photo Manager. The enhancements are designed to improve speed, performance and productivity, and include advanced support for RAW formats that meet and exceed industry demands.

“In our continued commitment to our customers, these updates allow them to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities that the RAW format offers,” said James Latham, vice president of marketing for ACD Systems. “Professional photographers depend on the latest RAW format support and feature improvements, while photo enthusiasts are just beginning to discover this format. These releases underscore our commitment to delivering the very best in product integrity and flexibility, and providing feature improvements that make the user experience and workflow both smoother and more enjoyable.”

ACDSee Pro Photo Manager

The ACDSee Pro Photo Manager update includes improved speed and performance in RAW processing. The software features support for popular professional camera models including the Nikon D200, D2H, and Minolta A200, the ability to view full EXIF information from all supported Olympus RAW camera models, the ability to filter .thm files and the preservation of metadata in JPEG and TIFF files when converting from RAW.

ACDSee 8.1 Photo Manager

ACDSee 8.1 Photo Manager includes more than 50 feature improvements to increase performance and productivity and RAW support for several camera models including the popular Nikon D50 and Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT.

Pricing and Availability

Current users can update their software at no charge by visiting the Support Center The updates are immediately available in English, with updates for other languages available in May. The full version of ACDSee 8 Photo Manager is available in English for $49.99 (USD) or $39.99 (USD) for the upgrade from previous versions. The full version of ACDSee Pro Photo Manager is available in English for $129.99 (USD) or $89.99 (USD) for the upgrade from ACDSee 8 Photo Manager or earlier versions. For more information, visit

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