Pentax Optio W80

Pentax Optio W80

HOYA CORPORATION PENTAX Imaging Systems Division is pleased to announce the launch of the PENTAX Optio W80 digital compact camera. In addition to its outstanding waterproof, dustproof and coldproof capabilities — which allow for up to two hours of continuous underwater photography at a depth down to five meters — the new Optio W80 offers outstanding shockproof performance to withstand a fall from a height of one meter.

  1. Further enhanced waterproof and dustproof performance

    By creating tighter external joints for a more airtight camera body, PENTAX has improved the Optio W80’s underwater picture-taking performance from four meters for the previous models to five meters, and for up to two hours of continuous operation. Along with this outstanding, IPX 8 (or JIS Class 8) waterproof performance, the Optio W80 also provides remarkable dustproof performance equivalent to IPX 6 (or JIS Class 6) and exceptional coldproof performance for reliable operation at temperatures as low as –10°C. These features make it perfect for photographing outdoor activities, such as skiing, marine sports and fishing. It can be also used without worry in other situations where water or dirt can be a concern, such as in the garden or kitchen.
  2. Exceptional shockproof performance

    Special shock-absorbent material has been applied at crucial points throughout the Optio W80’s inner body, while all components have been redesigned to be more rigid and durable. This means that the Optio W80 can withstand a fall from a height of one meter* without damage to the body, further enhancing its reliability in harsh shooting conditions.

    * Measured under PENTAX-original testing standards (from a height of one meter, onto a surface of 5cm-thick plywood), conforming to MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock.

  3. Optical 5X zoom lens for excellent zoom coverage from wide angle to telephoto

    Despite its compact dimensions, the Optio W80 features an optical 5X zoom lens covering focal lengths from 5mm to 25mm (equivalent in the 35mm format to approximately 28mm wide angle to 140mm telephoto). Thanks to this wide zoom range, the Optio W80 can be used for a wide variety of subjects and scenes, from spectacular landscape, majestic architecture and group shots to tight snapshots from a distance. Coupled with the Intelligent Zoom function, which allows even tighter zooming in on the subject, the zoom range can be extended to approximately 31.3 times.
  4. High-quality HD-proportioned movie recording

    The Optio W80 captures beautiful, flawless movie clips at 16:9 high-definition TV proportions (1280 x 720 pixels)** at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. It also comes equipped with advanced, user-friendly features designed to facilitate movie recording: Movie SR (Shake Reduction) mode, which automatically compensates camera shake during movie shooting; and Underwater Movie mode, which automatically optimizes all camera settings for underwater movie shooting.

    ** When the Optio W80’s AV output terminal is used, movie clips are output as NTSC/PAL data. If the user wishes to play back movie clips at high-definition-TV proportions (1280 x 720 pixels), the data must be transferred to a personal computer for playback.

  5. High image quality

    Combining approximately 12.1 effective megapixels with the PENTAX-developed imaging engine and high-performance PENTAX zoom lens, the Optio W80 delivers brilliant, high-quality images with well-defined details. Even when images are enlarged to larger sizes, the user is assured of sharp, high-resolution prints with edge-to-edge sharpness.
  6. Triple anti-shake protection to prevent different types of camera shake

    1. Pixel Track SR mode
      When recording still images, the Optio W80’s new Digital SR (Shake Reduction) mode effectively compensates for camera shake by processing affected images.
    2. High-Sensitivity SR mode***
      When it detects low-lighting conditions in still-image shooting, the Optio W80 automatically raises its sensitivity to as high as ISO 6400, making it possible to use a higher shutter speed. This effectively minimizes the adverse effects of camera shake and subject shake under poor lighting conditions.
    3. Movie SR mode****
      During movie recording, the Optio W80 prevents blurry images by effectively minimizing annoying camera shake through the use of exclusive software.

    *** When the High-Sensitivity SR mode is selected, the recorded size is fixed to 5M (2592 x 1944 pixels).
    **** When the Movie SR mode is selected, the angle of view becomes narrower than normal shooting.

  7. Auto Picture mode for automatic selection of eight different shooting modes

    The Optio W80 features the PENTAX-original Auto Picture mode, which automatically selects the most appropriate shooting mode for a given subject or scene by detecting the subject’s lighting and other conditions. This user-friendly mode not only makes the right mode choice for the photographer (from Landscape, Portrait, Night Scene, Night Scene Portrait, Flower, Sport, Standard and Candlelight modes), but also features an auto macro mode, which automatically switches the camera’s focus range to macro in close-up applications.
  8. Automatic recognition of up to 32 faces in a mere 0.03 seconds

    The Optio W80 features the advanced Face Recognition AF & AE function, a great tool in casual shooting of people. This user-friendly function automatically detects up to 32 faces in the image field, then optimizes their focus and exposure settings in only about 0.03 seconds. The Optio W80 is also equipped with the Smile Capture mode, which automatically releases the shutter the moment the camera detects the subject’s smile, as well as the Blink Detection function, which warns the photographer when the subject’s eyes close at the time of shutter release.
  9. Large LCD monitor for effortless outdoor viewing

    Despite its compact body, the Optio W80 features a large 2.5-inch high-brightness color LCD monitor with approximately 230,000 dots. This monitor is treated with a special AR (Anti-Reflection) coating to cut the glare of external light and minimize annoying reflections, making it easy to view recorded images even in bright sunlight.
  10. Other features

    1. Macro mode to record dramatic close-up images of a subject from as close as one centimeter
    2. Digital Wide function to compose extra-wide-angle images (equivalent to an image taken with an approx. 21mm lens in 35mm format) from two images
    3. 20 digital filters, including Toy Camera and Retro, to add distinctive visual effects to recorded images
    4. SP (Super Protect) coating applied to the front surface of the zoom lens to repel water, grime and finger marks
    5. O-CC932 Protector Jacket (available as an optional accessory) to protect the camera body from scratches and grime
    6. AF-assisting spot beam projector (ON/OFF switchable) to assist autofocusing operation in the dark
    7. New D-Range setting to prevent whitewashed (overexposed) and blacked-out (underexposed) areas in an image
    8. Frame composite function (with 90 frames stored in the camera) to shoot or compose images with decorative photo frames
    9. ACDSee for PENTAX 3.0 image viewing, editing and filing software included (compatible with Windows Vista™)

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